Honest Lash is Now Franchising in Texas!

Founded as a 2020 Pivot due to the Pandemic, Honest Lash was built to succeed and scale regardless of external non-controllable circumstances. Honest Lash is a beauty concept that has been built by generations of McDonald’s franchise ownership. With four corporately owned Honest locations, & three franchised locations on the way, we are ramping up to take over our home state before expanding nationwide.


Honest Lash presents an opportunity for passionate, motivated entrepreneurs to build a legacy with a business that is informed by experience with franchise giants. Come and Franchise it!

Dear Future Franchisees

My name is Jonathan Ellis. I was extremely lucky to be born as a third generation McDonald’s franchisee. Rodgers Ellis, “Papa” was the son of a Missouri chicken farmer and went on to become one of the original franchisees of the McDonald’s franchise system in Texas, 1969.


Fast forward 50 years, 82 Restaurants, and 3 generations of McDonalds Growth…I loved every part of growing up with the Arches, working in the restaurants from an early age…I knew this was something special…but it always felt like Dad and Papa’s story…


A few Texas hurricanes later, Dad sold his locations in 2018 after Hurricane Harvey; I went off on my own and shortly went belly up as an owner operator of several Sylvan Learning franchises…unfortunately due to the Covid-2020 fallout. We don’t believe in rolling over. We believe in rolling up our sleeves. Sarah Ellis, my beautiful wife, and I created a lash concept as a Covid pivot to help pay dead rent with the 3 leases we couldn’t shake…we opened “Lash Goddess” on Black Friday 2020 in Bastrop, Texas in the same space as a once thriving Sylvan Learning Center.


Fast forward through all the chaos of the last 3+ years and we operate 4 locations, and are now actively and successfully selling “Honest Lash” franchises in Texas (first franchisees in El Paso and San Antonio , Texas, opening this Fall 2023).


We believe in “grinding it out” like Ray Kroc, and as owner operators doing whatever it takes to succeed with excellent QSC&V, regardless of the logo. It’s all about People, Product, Process and vision with Passion. Honest Lash represents a life’s work in franchising and a can do mentality when faced against all odds. A comeback story…A Phoenix rising from the ashes of unintended consequences….we fight for opportunities to create entrepreneurs and provide a path for the American Dream…the pursuit of happiness…


I am lucky to have learned from the pioneers in franchising and riding shotgun in a strong generational family business. We fail fast because we have no other choice but to succeed.


I believe in respecting our legacy by manufacturing entrepreneurs through the amazing opportunities of franchising.


Papa celebrated 52 years as an owner-operator with McDonalds before passing in 2021. I admit to having big shoes to follow…but we believe in paying the work ethic forward with our franchise legacy.


I look forward to our discussion. –Jonathan

Why You, Why Now

Our goal at Honest Lash is to be best in class, both in terms of our high quality, healthy, lashing techniques and our exceptional customer service. We take great pride in our priority to care for the clients natural lashes, all while educating them on the lash and brow services we offer.

Why Honest Lash

As Fellow Entrepreneurs, we have first hand experience with the ups and downs of business life. It is through those trials, in fact, that Honest Lash was born. We are excited to offer Honest Lash Franchising opportunities to any entrepreneur or lash artist who would love to own his/her own studio, but doesn’t know where to start. After years of perfecting our franchise model, we can confidently ensure that we have created a space that allows you to shine. In other words, We’ve Got Your Back!


When you come on board as a Franchise Partner you will be met with a corporate team that is ready to help! From real estate site selection, to your studio grand opening, we will be there to guide you as you embark on your dream of business ownership. Between training calls, and on-site support, you will have the right tools to run your business.

Step Into The Franchise Portal

Family Owned & Operated

We are Sarah and Jonathan Ellis, husband and wife co-founders of what will hopefully be your new favorite lash studio, Honest Lash. A little bit of history for you…Sarah is a pediatric nurse, busy mom of three, and our Honest Lash People Person. We call her “warm hug” in our company because she brings comfort and compassion wherever she goes. Jonathan, a devoted entrepreneur, busy dad of three, our Honest Lash CEO, and quite possibly the most burly dude you will see in the beauty industry. Together, we are proud to bring a family feel to Honest Lash and our hope is that you feel warmth and comfort whenever you walk into one of our studios. Honest Lash has been a labor of love since its grand opening in 2020.

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